Marcia Polas — Alignment and Movement Educator | Occupational Pilates Teacher | Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Therapy

Bartender Workshops

Bartender Body Works. workshops for bartenders is tailored to meet the functional occupational needs of the students. A series of monthly workshops is also available per group.

  • Body Awareness/Why it hurts to do your job
  • Re-evaluate your alignment and experience corrective posture
  • Release your dysfunctional fascial patterns to recover from a career of bartending, and then quickly post-shift
  • How to
    • Stand behind the bar
    • Shake/stir/pour a drink
    • Avoid cold draft ice blowing out your shoulder
    • Manage the rail pain-free
  • Your 10-minute daily practice

Cost per Workshop (not per individual)
$1500 full day (plus travel/expenses outside NYC)
$750 half day (inside NYC)

Basics for bartenders/hospitality teams

Basics for bartenders/hospitality teams