Marcia Polas — Alignment and Movement Educator | Occupational Pilates Teacher | Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Therapy

The Work/Rates/Scheduling

Workshops and Team Training Includes:

  • Students learn the myofascial patterns specific to their occupation
  • Break occupational fascial patterns and resolve current alignment issues
  • Students are trained in their own myofascial techniques
  • Repetitive motion activity of the specific occupation are retrained in order to avoid injury and be effortless on the job
  • Strengthen the body within corrected alignment (which also increases flexibility)
  • Develop tools to recover quickly from physically rigorous day
    Gives student their own 10-minute daily Pilates practice
  • A minimum of 4 “at work” visits* by Marcia per student.*Performing artists not available via production or open rehearsal are evaluated via other means and meet w/Marcia privately for these visits.

Private Session Scheduling and Rates:
(Please note: rates below apply to virtual sessions only. Marcia will consider working in person with a pod. Rates and rules available to serious parties after screening.)

It is so important to be careful of who you trust with your precious body, therefore, you must first speak with Marcia (in person or via phone or video chat) to be added as a client.


$120 per hour (+ cost of room or travel fee)
Each first session is three hours* in length. Generally, sessions after that are in 2-hour blocks. This is a retainer rate. Please reach out for non-retainer and in person rates.
*Virtual first sessions are 2-hours in length w/time built in for technical issues.

Clients working weekly to resolve alignment issues and retrain their bodies within alignment (including repetitive motion activities related to their profession) may  negotiate a retainer rate which includes scheduling priorities and often 1-hour Cranial Sacral “house calls” to sets/theatres/shoots/etc.

Out of state clients, those who require Marcia go to them, or who need a flexible schedule* may book at a half-day NYC rate of $500+.

*Flexible Schedule means Marcia is nearby for a flexible start time and/or stopping then resuming work around filming as an example.


Clients requiring Marcia to travel with them or booking an entire day can negotiate a retainer rate under the normal $1,500 a day outside NYC rate.

text or call 303.955.2132
to book appointments

Contact Marcia directly to discuss building a workshop in your city!

polaspilates AT