Marcia Polas — Alignment and Movement Educator | Occupational Pilates Teacher | Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Therapy


Thanks to the teachers who continue to help me become a better teacher, the students who trust me, and the friends and family who have helped Piper become more than a pipe dream!

Piper would not exist without the inspiration provided by a girl who “doctors had to fix when she was a baby” and her mother for trusting me, and Pilates, so many years ago. You taught me that with Pilates, you sometimes get miracles.

Love and special thanks to Kate Graham for being an amazing teacher and superior friend, Tracy Maurstad for her sense of humor and self, Erika Quest for love, support, and those curls, Karen Jones for trusting me with her body when things were scary and becoming someone so deeply imbedded in my heart, Deb Mangelus for being the first person to read Piper and urging me to share her, Sarah Elkins for being Sarah Elkins, Jan and Len Polas for their unwavering belief in me and stock holder status in everything I do, Shelly Drumm for so many website rescues, Michele and Brock Boser for a willingness to come to my rescue, Terry Cabeen for finally figuring out my ecommerce (!) and being one of the two best dressed men I know, Joe Turse for his talent as a sound engineer and for understanding immediately how to put me at ease, Katie Smith for the many rounds of illustrations required to turn the picture in my head into a beautiful illustration, and finally, to the remarkably talented Drew Cortese for his immediate understanding of what I was trying to accomplish, being such a steadfast believer in me, hours of collaboration and honesty, holding my hand during the scary part (big girl panties!), and bringing Piper’s adventures to life so beautifully.