Marcia Polas — Alignment and Movement Educator | Occupational Pilates Teacher | Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Therapy

…because it shouldn’t hurt to do your job


It seems we’ve found ourselves in a pandemic and now all have at least one job in common — staying well and protecting each other from this awful disease.

As we navigate everything from how to manage our lives to home schooling (as a parent or teacher) — to wearing a mask in public — to having more experiences and connections virtually than we do in person, we are developing new patterns and our bodies are responding to having abruptly stopped using them as they had become accustomed. None of us trained for this current job, and all of us, even the tiny humans among us are living a very different life than we did “before.”

My practice changed dramatically on March 9, 2020 when I sent myself to isolation and moved my entire practice to working virtually. Thankfully I have been teaching and guiding clients in self-practices to include myofasical release, cranial sacral, and general realignment and strengthening within alignment for eight or nine years.

More recently, I’ve created some small group opportunities and developed a corporate program to make the work more accessible to all who are finding themselves a little less than effortless.

Check out THE ERGONOMICS OF ISOLATION for more on my corporate program, continue to visit my instagram feed and stories for on-going work and videos, and reach out if you would like to hear about the BYOBody sessions for you and up to three friends.

Stay well and safe, and reach out for questions or to book sessions. I’m here and looking forward to helping. — mp

…because it should’t hurt to do your job


NOTE: I am only working in person with the people in “my bubble” — if you want to explore exclusive in person work, please reach out — you can only imagine how great it is to have me in your bubble!