[Marcia sees students weekly at Bluming Studio in Williamsburg. Contact the studio directly to schedule.]

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Group Programs

Pilates for … (fill in your specific occupation)
Frequency: Weekly
Commitment: 4 weeks at a time.
Cost: $30 per class/$120 per session.
Details: 10 students per class, no drop-ins, the same bodies each week.
1.5 hour occupationally specific workout.
[Send your request to polaspilates AT yahoo.com be added to the list.]

12-Week Occupational Realignment/Retraining Workshops
Frequency: Weekly for 12 weeks (two breaks, program spans 14-weeks)
Commitment: Three months
Cost: $750 per student
Number of students per workshop: 6
What is achieved in 12-weeks:

  • Students learn the myofascial patterns specific to their occupation
  • Break occupational fascial patterns and resolve current alignment issues
  • Students are trained in their own myofascial techniques
  • Repetitive motion activity of the specific occupation are retrained in order to avoid injury and be effortless on the job
  • Strengthen the body within corrected alignment (which also increases flexibility)
  • Develop tools to recover quickly from physically rigorous day
    Gives student their own 10-minute daily Pilates practice
  • A minimum of 4 “at work” visits* by Marcia per student.*Performing artists not available via production or open rehearsal are evaluated via other means and meet w/Marcia privately for these visits.


Private Sessions available:
2-hour blocks ($200 + cost of room).

text or call 303.955.2132
to book appointments


Single Workshops – build one in your city!

polaspilates AT yahoo.com

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