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Joel Waggoner on awareness and caring for your body

fullsizerender-3My awareness of my body comes in waves. Sometimes I’m like “Hey body, sorry about the years of abuse, wanna make out?” and other times I ignore it and then it won’t stop texting me until I fix it.

Sometimes I’m at a piano so long I think my muscles will just cramp in that shape and I’ll become a human statue like the ones in Times Square except boo no tips.

My life as an artist does things to my body.

I am constantly repeating the same motions.

I put my body in unnatural positions (do NOT read into that).

I live, walk, subway (sandwich variety only when broke) in New York City (nuff said).

I am a leap-year athlete with the will of an American Idol auditionee and the staying power of a single post-it that’s been used on several surfaces.

I love looking down at my iPhone. Or looking straight above me at my iPhone for optimum selfie anguage.

All these things accumulate and make my body hurt. Then it hinders my ability make cool or not cool stuff that other people may or may not like.

I am an instrument. I am an artist.

What if I could be both effortlessly?

This question was first posed to me at Tavern on the Green two years ago, when a friend brought Marcia Polas to my birthday party. There was champagne, and cake, and so many friends, but this crazy Pilates teacher’s words penetrated.

Prepping for my first show at The Public (Southern Comfort) this past January, I invited Marcia into my process. I wanted to be effortless.

Together, we unlocked a storage unit of knowledge and truth bombery about how I could be more efficient and effortless with my body. I now go through life with a checklist of awarenesses (awarenae?) that I can adjust to make having a body not so hurty. It’s an amazing gift and it’s always fun to learn new shit. Ask if you’re doing as much FOR your body as it’s doing for YOU. Then take it upon yourself to call Marcia Polas. Because if you are an artist, you are an instrument. And as Marcia screeches to anyone who will listen, it shouldn’t hurt to do your job.

Joel Waggoner