Still FrameThe Bartender Pilot Program
In partnership with Rutte Distillateurs, Marcia spent 12 weeks working with 12 bartenders in New York City. Via a weekly workshop, daily homework, and on-site visits to study and train within their bars, the dozen experienced bartenders were able to undo the damage of years on the job, retrain skills, and gain tools to recover quickly after each shift. The pilot program was a greater success than any of us hoped and proved again how impactful the work can be and how much bodies can change in only three months!
…because it shouldn’t hurt to do your job.

Upcoming Bartender Workshops
Marcia is now offering 12-week programs in NYC and multi-day workshops throughout the world. Contact her directly for details on the work, cost, and for references from bartenders who have completed the program.

a body at work—the bartender series:
In 2014, this series of 16 short videos was created to give the bartender access to a workshop-like experience with Pilates teacher and movement consultant Marcia Polas. The series was purchased by a private foundation in 2015 and is not available to the general public. To discuss creating a similar series for your team, contact Marcia directly.

a body at work—the bartender series included segments on:

  • The fascial patterns of bartenders
  • How to release fascia for chronic pain relief and quick shift recovery
  • Stretches for before, during, and after shift
  • Instruction on how to use your body with ease behind the bar
  • An examination and retraining of basic skills including shaking, stirring, and pouring a drink.

Here’s a sample of the 16 videos (over two hours of workshop material) included in the series:


Conceived, developed, written, and directed by Marcia Polas.
Filmed and edited by Matt Jensen.
Filmed with the assistance and blessing of the Colorado Bartenders’ Guild on location at iconic Denver establishments The Squeaky Bean and Williams & Graham.

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